Our Horses

If you don’t have a horse of your own for lessons or our camps, we can provide one well-suited to you. We have horses for all ages, all disciplines, all levels of expertise, and all sizes.

Our lesson horses are experienced and well trained to provide their riders with a safe, rewarding time in the saddle. All lesson horses have been personally trained by our primary instructor Terri Jones.

In addition to lesson riding, we also use our horses for therapy with Wounded Warriors from Boulder Crest Retreat. Most of the participants have little or no experience with horses, so it is especially important for the horses to be on their best behavior. They seem to instinctively know this, and always reward everyone by building feelings of trust and bonding with the veterans.

In 2017 we were very pleased to add three more horses to our group of lesson horses: Aliea, Cooper, and Alta Keer. Aliea is a highly trained dressage horse who took first place in a Prix St. Georges test last year. She is a delight to ride and will help our lesson riders improve their dressage skills. Cooper and Alta Keer are retired racehorses, very kind and ready to teach.