Riding is pure magic that allows you to connect with another living creature, who does not judge, is not critical, and treats every person equally.

Our Approach

We are a school, a center, and a program! Our training includes learning from the ground up. We focus on the whole training approach, including the care of the horse and rider and the performance of their partnership. Equitation is taught: the proper position, a balanced seat and the ability to handle a horse quietly in the saddle. This process enables our students to discover their passion for riding.

We believe in safety first and focus on the safety of the horse and rider at all times. We provide lessons on our horses or yours.

Rider Levels

Training LevelUSEF EventingUSDF DressageJumping
Advanced Beginner

* Horse care management and fundamentals of equestrian riding are provided at all levels.

 *Anyone teaching at these levels should have competed or is competing at these levels. Terri Jones fulfills this requirement. See the Instructors page for more details.

The Overlook Farm 4-H  Club started in 2016, click here for information on joining

Casanova Warrenton Pony Club members and participants are also welcome.


Terri Jones is a highly skilled and experienced equestrian who provides training in all disciplines for all ages: dressage (up to Fourth Level), eventing, jumping (up to 3’6”), trail riding, and pleasure riding. To keep up to date, Terri takes lessons herself, reads equestrian instructional books constantly, and practices what she preaches by successfully competing in numerous equestrian events every year.

Terri is an active member of several local and national equestrian organizations, including the U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the U.S. Dressage Federation (USDF). Her training produces results – her students often place at top levels in competitions and several have gone on to become instructors themselves. For more details, go to the Instructors page.

Lesson Rates

Group (3 or more)$65 / hr
Semi-Private (2 riders)$80 / hr
Private$110 / hr

Buying and Leasing Horses

If you have ever owned a horse, you realize firsthand what a difficult, time consuming, and risky exercise it can be to purchase the horse that is just right for you. It is very difficult to do it on your own. This is where Terri Jones can help. She has assisted many people at The Overlook Farm with purchasing their horses. Her fee for these services is 10% of the purchase price of the horse, plus an additional charge for trailering the horse if necessary.

Sometimes a rider would rather lease a horse rather than purchase one. Terri can help with this as well.