Terri Jones

Terri Jones is a highly skilled and experienced equestrian who provides training in all disciplines for all ages: dressage (up to Fourth Level), eventing, jumping (up to 3’6”), trail riding, and pleasure riding. Her experience and currently active memberships include all of these organizations:

  • USDF – U.S. Dressage Federation (governing body of dressage)
  • USEF – U.S. Equestrian Federation ( governing body for equestrian sports)
  • USPC (United States Pony Club)
  • Leader of Overlook Farm 4-H

One important thing that sets Terri apart from many other instructors is that she is well qualified to teach in multiple levels of all disciplines. (The exact levels are shown on the Lessons and Training Your Horse pages.) To keep up to date, Terri takes lessons herself, reads equestrian instructional books constantly, and practices what she preaches by successfully competing in numerous equestrian events every year. She is an active member of several local and national equestrian organizations. Her training produces results: her students often place at top levels in competitions and several have gone on to become instructors themselves.

Terri started riding and taking lessons at age 8. As a youth, she participated in the Herndon 4-H Club through the state level and competed at the Difficult Run Pony Club. While in college, she was a member of the Team Ferrum Intercollegiate Show Team. She has trained with Mary Flood (a USDF Gold Medalist) in dressage. She competed in the first U.S. eventing championships at Novice Level and has competed through Training Level at rated events for over 35 years.

Terri has a USDF bronze and silver medal and is currently working on achieving gold. She is currently training with Holly Wilmoth, an FEI trainer and national competitor who has qualified members for the North America Junior Young Rider Championships.