Our Facilities

Overlook Farm’s facilities were created with the objective of providing horses, horse owners, riders, and others with a high quality, extremely rewarding equine experience. Based on our 30 years of experience in the equine industry, we know how to provide top-quality care.

Indoor Facilities

Barn – In 2007, Overlook Farm engaged Stoltzfus Builders to construct the barn and indoor arena. A family owned business in Lancaster County, PA since 1986, Stoltzfus is a highly skilled, high quality pole barn builder. Overlook Farm worked closely with Stoltzfus Builders to custom-design and build an excellent facility.

Boarding Stalls – There are 16 12×12 stalls, each outfitted with rubber mats, bedding, hay nets, and water buckets (heated in winter). All stalls are cleaned daily.

Wash Stall – The wash stall has hot and cold running water.

Farrier/Tack Stall – There is a well-lighted stall for farriers to work and for you to tack up your horse.

Indoor Arena – This is a beautiful 86 x165 arena that allows you to ride in any weather. It has felt footing, lights, mirrors, windows, and large doors to the outside. It adjoins the barn so there is no need to go outside in bad weather.

Tack Boxes – Everyone who stall boards a horse gets the use of a lockable tack box. It can hold one or two saddles and all the other things you need to care for your horse.

Blanket Hooks – There are numbered hooks for each stall to hang the horse blankets used during cold weather.

86×165 indoor arena is attached to the stall area and features felt footing, lights, mirrors, and windows.

We provide high quality Timothy and orchard grass hay to stall-boarded horses.

16 modern well-lit 12×12 stalls.

Stalls have hay nets, water buckets, rubber mats, and bedding – all cleaned daily.

All boarders get a locker for storing saddles, tack, and other supplies.

Every barn needs a barn cat. Gracie obviously works hard at her job!

Well-kept stalls ensure your horse’s comfort when inside.

A lighted wash stall with hot and cold water is perfect for bathing and grooming.

There is a well-lighted stall for farriers to work and for you to tack up your horse.

During winter, your horse’s blankets are hung on numbered hooks for your easy access.

Outdoor Facilities

Pastures – There are 30 acres of well-maintained fenced pastures and cross-country trails. For the health and safety of the horses, no chemicals are used on the pastures.

Arenas – There are two outdoor arenas. One is a 160 x 200 riding/jumping area with fencing and blue stone footing. The other is a 150 x 250  full outdoor dedicated dressage arena with blue stone/sand mix footing.

Round Pen – A 60’ diameter round pen is provided for ground training of horses.

Trailer Parking – Stall boarders are welcome to park their horse trailers in a designated area.

Fencing – Turnout pastures for stall boarded horses use Centaur Hot Rail Electric Rail. It withstands impact without risking injury to your horse. HTP technology combines the pliability of polymer with the strength of high tensile, creating a rail that is safer, stronger and more flexible than other types of fencing.