Welcome to The Overlook Farm

The Overlook Farm is an outstanding full equine facility located in Purcellville, Virginia in Western Loudoun County. We offer full and field board, individual or group horseback riding lessons with highly qualified instructors, summer camps, horse training, participation in equine competitions, and more.

Our goal is excellent horsemanship with healthy, happy well-trained horses. Generous turn out helps ensure this. We strive to provide the utmost quality in our health management as well as in our lesson and training programs. We also stress the importance of having fun while engaging in any activity with horses. After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

We offer facilities that provide for your year-round enjoyment. There is a beautiful 86×165 indoor arena that enables you to ride in any kind of weather, day or night. We have two well-maintained outdoor arenas where you can practice dressage, jumping, or other forms of riding. You can do ground training in our 60 ft. round pen. Or just hack around our 30 acres of beautiful grounds just to enjoy being on a horse.

Have been at Overlook Farm for probably 8+ years. First as students then as owners/boarders. Enjoyed the instruction by Terri both on the horse and off the horse. Her willingness to help and teach is matched by her vast knowledge of horsemanship. Plus if you come here, you are part of a wonderful family!

Val and Cerella

If you are considering taking riding lessons, I highly recommend Terri Jones. Her dedication to the students is unparalleled. All her horses are very well behaved, which is a testimony to Terri’s work with them. We have been taking lessons here for several years now and have no regrets! Overlook Farm will be your new favorite riding barn!

Wendy H.

We loved Overlook Farm and Terri from the first meeting. And it just gets better and better! Coming to Overlook has been the best and will always be a VERY important part of our lives.

Ann C.

A truly no-drama barn, love it! Love the large indoor barn, excellent training and beautiful turn-out. Terri is a one of a kind horse woman that takes care of my horse as if it were her own.

Tori S.

Perfect instruction and horses matched to your level of ability. Beautiful facility and grounds. You become part of the family. Really nice people, always an enjoyable experience.

Joan and Mark

Not often found today is a business where respect, trust, honesty, and dedication come first! As the owner/ trainer of Overlook Farm, Terri Jones instills these identical standards to her students and riders. Terri’s success is evident in her students’ personal and riding accomplishments.

Ann W.

Overlook is home away from home! The grounds are lovely, the barn is wonderfully maintained, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Terri is an amazing instructor – knowledgeable, even-tempered, and kind.

Gram, Brenda, and Keira

I visited the local tack shop and the shop owner (who does not have her own horse) was so complementary on the clients at Overlook. She then proceeded to say that Overlook was such a happy barn and Terri Jones was the reason the barn was so happy.

Monica S.

My daughter started lessons at Overlook Farm almost a year ago. She has been welcomed into the barn family and loves the school horses. Terri is patient and supportive as she works with each student to build confidence and skills. This is a wonderful environment for all levels of riders.

Krista W.

Services Offered at Overlook Farm

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